Bob Holz and A Vision Forward featuring Chet Catallo and Ralphe Armstrong

Bob Holz and  A Vision Forward featuring Chet Catallo and Ralphe Armstrong

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​Announcing the  release of Bob's second major label CD, "Visions and Friends". This follow-up album is out now and features the late Larry Coryell, Randy Brecker, Ralphe Armstrong and Alex Machacek on MVD Audio. Get it now at:


 "Bob's album has a wonderful energy about it. His playing and tunes are a natural fit for what I do,” says LarryCoryell. 

Adds Ralphe Armstrong: "Bob makes my job easy.He lays down a great groove and has a unique ability to make good things happen in the studio and on stage". 

Randy Brecker has been equally excited about working with Holz: "Always great to play on one of drummer/producer Bob Holz's projects. He's the centerpiece of a tight and swinging band and I can fit right in there with his creative concepts!" 

Jazz great Mike Stern concurs: "Bob Holz plays his heart out and you can hear it on this album".

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On 7/8/16 ​​Bob   released his CD called A Vision Forward which features Mike Stern,Larry Coryell, Randy Brecker, Billy Steinway,Ada Rovatti, and Steve Weingart.

What's new.... !

Bob endorses Canopus drums and Paiste cymbals and uses the following percussion products:


Bob playing in 2015  with guitar legend Larry Coryell.

Bob Holz and A Vision Forward featuring Chet Catallo and Ralphe Armstrong is playing live to support Bob's  CD titled Visions and Friends.



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